Cascade Canyon November 2014

One of the people I had met during my paleontology days was a geologist named Russell. He was an adamant field collector but also a dealer. While he had collected fossils in the past, there was no money to be made with our material. Years later I realized he was right! Haha. However, once I turned more towards the geology side he took me to some very cool places. One of them was Cascade Canyon near Mt. Baldy. It was a beautiful hike with some interesting scenery - one of which was the house pictured below. When I was talking to Russell about Cascade Canyon on the phone one of the things he told me about was a Hansel & Gretel house that was along the way. This certainly matches that description!  

One of my best Cascade Canyon specimens. A very rich ruby-filled piece.

DSC02886 copy.jpg
DSC02888 copy.jpg

From a later trip in June 2015. I only took 1 picture that day so there was no better place to put it. Featuring Marc Brown (foreground & Todd Richmond (background)